Dabe and Janelle hugging after the proposal

How we met...

We met swing dancing at Chevy Chase Ballroom in November 2003.  We danced almost every Friday night and usually danced the last song together.
Our first "non-date" was February 14, 2004.  We have been continued to celebrate the 14ths.  Thus, we selected Saturday, April 14, as our wedding date and selected Glen Echo Park as our wedding and reception site.  

Glen Echo Park has swing dancing almost every Saturday night at the Bumper Car Pavilion or Spanish Ballroom.  We will be celebrating our love of swing dancing with our family and friends.


The proposal...

On June 21, 2006, we were celebrating Dabe's birthday with a "surprise" party at at Nick's Nightclub in Alexandria, VA.  Janelle invited lots of dancers to the dance and had a big birthday cake for the occasion.  

After the swing jam, which gives a couple the chance to show off their cool swing moves, Dabe surprised Janelle by proposing on stage with more than 100 dancers watching.  Janelle said, "Yes."

Dabe had orchestrated the whole evening with only a handful of people knowing the true reason for the big party.  What a sweetheart!

You can view The Proposal.

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